Vision, Mission and Values of Enefcon

ENEFCON is a leading company which, in both domestic and international projects;

  • Produces quick solutions for current and future needs of customers in electricity, mechanics, engineering, construction and design related fields,
  • Has profound knowledge of national and international standards,
  • Follows and uses high-technology,
  • Attaches importance to the development of its employees and to team work,
  • Pursues an environmentally friendly Occupational Health and Safety System.

In line with the principles of customer orientation and employee satisfaction, Enefcon’s vision is oriented towards being a leading and prestigious company which;

  • Is always preferred in the sectors it serves,
  • Aims to continuously increase the number of countries it serves,
  • Utilizes the latest technologies in its projects,
  • Ensures happiness and high loyalty of its employees,
  • Cares for environment, human health and safety. 


  1. Ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction by meeting customer demands and expectations,
  2. Adopting leadership behavior in management,
  3. Taking initiative, focusing on the result and keeping continuous improvement in the foreground,
  4. Adopting the principle of professionalism regarding the continuous improvement of the quality of employee processes,
  5. Increasing the ability to reach the objectives,
  6. Transforming each collected data into useful information, managing information with the analysis of this information and continuous learning,
  7. Treating suppliers as business partners like customers, establishing mutual benefit relations, creating common added value in the short and long term.