Azeri-Chirag-East Offshore Platform (ACE Offshore Platform)

Azeri-Chirag-East Offshore Platform (ACE Offshore Platform)

Fabrication and Installation of HVAC Systems

Locations: Baku, Azerbaijan
Start: 2020
Planned Completion Date: Q2/2022
Client: AZFEN J.V. / BP

ACE is a new platform, located midway between Central Azeri (CA) and East Azeri (EA) Platforms in ~137m water, which will complement existing West Chirag and ACG Full Field Development production in the Caspian Sea, within Azerbaijan’s territorial waters.

Activity Basis Scope of Supply:

  • Partial Engineering & Shop Drawing
  • Procurement of Bulk Material
  • Installation of HVAC System
  • Commissioning and Hand Over

Sub-discipline Basis Scope of Supply:

  • Preparation of all Material take-offs
  • Fabrication / installation of ductwork, duct installation and cladding, temporary seals to duct openings for leakage test
  • Installation of In-line and Main HVAC Equipment
  • Insulation (Including insulation material supply) of ducting and equipment
  • Inspection and certification
  • Cleaning and flushing of installed equipment
  • Leak testing and duct leak test equipment (with calibration certificate)
  • Prepare commissioning checklist prior functional testing of the system
  • Air balancing
  • Identification marking requirements
  • Commissioning & Hand Over